Why Every Christian Has to Believe Mary is the Mother of God

matthew leonard sainthood snippet video Sep 15, 2023

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Everyone knows that Mary is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for our Protestant brothers and sisters when it comes to the Catholic faith.

She certainly was for me when I was moving toward the Church more than 25 years ago!

And the questions/issues regarding Mary usually go something like this:

Why do you guys worship Mary? She was a human just like us!

How could Mary have been conceived without sin? She needed salvation too!

And why on earth would you call Mary the Mother of God? She didn't exist before God did!

Like others, I asked all those questions (and more)!

And when you think about it, Our Lady's identity as the Mother of God is fundamental to all of these questions.

In fact, it's the heart of everything the Church teaches about her.

So in today's Sainthood Snippet, I address the question of Mary's role as Mother of God... but in a way you may find surprising.

God bless and enjoy!


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