Art of Catholic Podcast - The True Origin & Essence of the Catholic Mass

podcast May 12, 2023

A lot of digital ink has been spilled on the topic of the Mass in recent years.

Some of it is helpful, some of it is not.

But what seems to have been lost in the midst of all the "discussion" (ahem!) is a focus on the mystical, Trinitarian current that flows through all of Catholic liturgy.

It's a topic of supreme importance because it illuminates the deeper meaning and power of the Mass.

So I brought in one of my favorite authors - liturgical theologian Dr. David Fagerberg - to help us unveil the true essence of the liturgy in this episode of the Art of Catholic podcast.

It's a discussion that will beautifully intensify your experience and participation in the liturgy and help provide context for any and all conversation about the Mass.

As you'll see, Dr. Fagerberg is a very thoughtful man full of incredible insights and a deep love for the liturgy.

And he's a convert to boot.

So join us for a very calm, joyful conversation as we cover things like:

  • The real origin of the Mass
  • What "active participation" really means
  • The role and meaning of liturgical asceticism
  • Why the priest isn't the only liturgist at Mass
  • How Original Sin is really a liturgical failure (totally eye-opening!)

This is one of those episodes where you feel like you're sitting at the feet of a master who has spent a lifetime pondering the mysteries of God in the liturgy...and you actually are!

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