Why the Devil Attacks Those Seeking Holiness

Mar 22, 2024

We're a week away from Good Friday, which means we've almost reached the finish line with our Lenten sacrifices. 

By now, you may be finding that you're not even craving those little indulgences you gave up anymore...

...or you may be counting the minutes till that sweet, sweet Easter morning abandon.

Either way, the fact that you've fought to stay the course for 40 days - even if you've had a few slip-ups - means that you've grown spiritually.

So what comes next?

Well...it's time to strap in and prepare for some serious spiritual warfare.  

Your family and friends aren't the only ones noticing your newly bolstered ability to resist temptation.

The devil has definitely noticed, too.

And he's none too happy about it. 

Though it can seem counterintuitive, the more progress you make in the spiritual life, the stronger temptations can become.

In today's Sainthood Snippet, which is a clip from the Science of Sainthood course entitled How To Resist Temptation, I'll explain why you need to get ready - now - for those attacks to start.

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I pray you have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week.

God bless,




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