Why It's So Hard To Focus During Prayer

blog sainthood snippet video Apr 25, 2024

In my most recent Art of Catholic podcast (Click here to watch if you missed it!), we talked about the importance of periodically stepping back from the chaos of our everyday lives to refocus on God.

But how do we hang on to that peace once we "rejoin the world"?

What if, despite our best efforts, all those distractions rear their ugly heads again - especially when it comes to our daily prayers?

Of course, it's not really a matter of "if", but "when".

Everyone deals with distractions during prayer.

From tonight's dinner plans to that annoying fly buzzing around the room, distractions are just part and parcel of being a union of body and soul.

Thankfully, the saints give us some tips for how to keep that sense of peace even when frustrating distractions keep popping up.

In fact, focusing too much on quashing those distractions can lead to a whole new set of problems - and, believe it or not, even heresy!

So today's Sainthood Snippet will let you in on the secret to how a healthy, balanced approach to innocent distractions can help you maintain peace during prayer.

God bless,


P.S. If you missed last week's Art of Catholic podcast, be sure to check it out by clicking HERE.

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