Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace [Online access]

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says that only "one thing" is necessary...the interior life. And once you really understand what He's talking about, everything changes!

In a series of 15 powerful presentations, renowned teacher Matthew Leonard dives into the rich, mystical tradition of Catholic spirituality in a way you've never heard before.

It's a series that has touched the lives of thousands of Catholics from around the world.

"Deeply penetrating!"

"SO POWERFUL. I’ve never in all my life gotten such clear training on spiritual growth!"

"I will watch it over and over..."

This incredible series is now available for an inexpensive 6 month rental, and offers an accompanying interactive workbook, as well.

(If you are a member of the Science of Sainthood, you already own these lessons.)  

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Full access to every lesson at any time. Watch whenever you want, for as many times as you want on a computer, tablet or smart phone!

Perfect for both individual or group study! (Yes! Groups that meet together only pay $19.97 for access, but we humbly request group participants purchase the workbook so we can continue to offer the series so inexpensively.)

Each video presentation is about 10 minutes long (some are a bit longer), so you'll have plenty of time to complete the study.

"The length is just right of each lesson because there is so much in them. Excellent and understandable teaching."

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Yes! There's a Workbook


  • Detailed Lesson Reviews
  • Scripture passages
  • Saint quotes
  • Meditations for Reflection
  • Review & Discussion Questions for Group or Individual Study
  • Ample space to takes notes and journal
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"Matthew is possibly the finest speaker on the spiritual life out there these days. His clarity and depth are a blessing.” Fr. Rich Simon, Relevant Radio Host

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"This is the best, most powerful, most insightful study I have ever done, bar none."

"I am bowled over..."


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Lesson Titles

  • Introduction & Quick Start Guide to Catholic Meditation
  • Lesson 1: What is the Mystical Life?
  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Station in Life
  • Lesson 3: How Deification Happens
  • Lesson 4: The Desire for Divinity
  • Lesson 5: The Power of Love to Divinize
  • Lesson 6: The Beauty of Grace
  • Lesson 7: Why Do We Struggle? Unpacking the "Absolute Supernatural"
  • Lesson 8: Why Do We Struggle? Understanding the Relative Supernatural
  • Lesson 9: Sanctifying Grace & Our Formal Participation in God
  • Lesson 10: The "Accident" of Sanctifying Grace
  • Lesson 11: Understanding the Two Regions of the Human Soul
  • Lesson 12: The Fall from Grace
  • Lesson 13: Introduction to Actual Grace & Free Will
  • Lesson 14: Operating Grace vs Cooperating Grace

And the Reviews Keep Coming!

"This series is so different...Matthew does a beautiful job explaining perfectly to all levels of faith.. a must for those who want to grow spiritually!"

"Loving every bit of this!"

"Literally brought me to tears!"

"So a revival for me!"

"Speechless, once again! Speechless! My heart feels like it no longer fits in my chest!!"

What is the Science of Sainthood?

Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace is a part of the incredible "Science of Sainthood" series.

You've never seen anything like it!

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