Welcome to Next Level Catholic Academy, an online teaching community designed to turn ordinary Catholics into spiritual dynamos.

Founded by Matthew Leonard, it's the fastest growing "school" for authentic Catholic spirituality in the world!

More than education, it's transformation!

Come see for yourself!

The Science of Sainthood

The premiere "course" in Next Level Catholic Academy, the "Science of Sainthood" is a systematic unpacking of the mystical wisdom of spiritual giants like Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, and many others.

Famous around the world for his down-to-earth style and crystal clear teaching, Matthew Leonard will guide you step-by-step down the actual path to sainthood.

This is everything you should have learned, but never did...until now. Prepare to be led into the beauty and mystery of God himself and have your your soul set on fire!



We're In This Together!

As a member of the Science of Sainthood, you'll have the ability to discuss, ask questions, and grow with a community of dedicated Catholics who want to grow spiritually as much as you. 

The Church is a family. We need to support each other. That's what Community is all about.

"I have never encountered anything like this before. Matthew has taken complex, but essential topics and made them accessible to the average Catholic. This is so important!"

Terri Thomas
Adult Faith Formation Coordinator, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, GA

"Each segment draws you in, and at the end, has you longing to delve into the next. I highly recommend Next Level Catholic Academy to every family, parish, and prayer group!"

Peter Mergen
Managing Director of Events, Apostolate for Family Consecration

This is an awesome course for both beginners and those more advanced in Catholic studies looking to go deeper in the faith. I'm excited to start this program at my parish!"

Bonnie Skiles                                          Peachtree City, GA

"This is the perfect place to go deeper in your faith. Matthew Leonard is an expert guide to the spiritual life and offers anyone the most important opportunity of all - to be transformed in Christ!"

Lenore M.                                               Cleveland, OH

Authentic Catholic Formation At Your Fingertips

We know you're busy. That's why Next Level Catholic Academy is available online whenever it works for your schedule.

You can even download the audio and full transcripts for occasions when no internet is available.

"After 40 years in the priesthood, I finally understand concepts like the 'Purgative, Illuminative and Unitive ways' and abandonment to the will of God. I heard Matthew Leonard explain them in a way that even I can understand. He is possibly the finest speaker on the spiritual life out there."

Fr. Rich Simon
Host of "Father Simon Says" on Relevant Radio

Regular Q&A Calls

We know you'll have questions as you grow in the spiritual life. That's why we provide regular Q&A sessions. And if you can't make them live, we'll post the video so you can watch when you have the chance.

"Next Level Catholic Academy is the most dynamic, clearest path to spiritual transformation you’ll find anywhere."

Mike Aquilina
Bestselling Author & EWTN Personality

Set on Fire!

You may know the basics, but have you been set on fire?

Have you truly experienced the breathtaking beauty of deep, authentic Catholic spirituality and been transformed? Because that's what you are made for.

And Next Level Catholic Academy is specifically designed to help make it happen.

Now, more than ever, we need Catholics to move beyond the basics. We need to integrate the deeper truths and transforming power of our faith into our lives. There's no time to waste!

We need to take our faith to the Next Level!



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