Ready to experience a Divine Intimacy with God that defies description? You've come to the right place!

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Founded by renowned evangelist, Matthew Leonard, Next Level Catholic Academy is an online membership community dedicated to one thing - helping you get to heaven.

Specifically, it is a series of thorough, yet down-to-earth, professionally produced videos and discussions that guide you step-by-step through the ins-and-outs of Catholic spirituality:

  • How to pray...really pray
  • The 3 stages of the spiritual life: what they are and how to progress through them. (This is something most Catholics have never heard of and they change everything.)
  • How to truly detach yourself from the distractions of this world
  • How specific virtues relate to specific vices to help you crush sin
  • How to deal with (and overcome) temptation
  • What to do when you encounter dryness
  • The secrets to sustained spiritual growth
  • ...and a whole, whole lot more!

It's everything you should have been taught, but never were...until now.

Members of the community will have access to all the videos, forum discussions, and regular live sessions for question and answer, as well as further teaching. This is more than's transformation!

"Do not skip this opportunity! This Science of Sainthood approach is the best thing I’ve done for my own personal spiritual growth and prayer in years." Dr. Carol Younger

I cannot tell you what this course means to me. I have sought priest after priest, Spiritual Directors, and no one has explained or outlined what you are doing here.” Mike K.

"Matthew Leonard? Iā€™m not exaggerating. Not since Fulton Sheen have I heard a speaker so effective at motivating ordinary Catholics to step up their prayer lives and take their faith more seriously."

Mike Aquilina
EWTN Personality & Author of more than 40 books

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